Pelican Staffing provides contract and contingent labor in professional and non-professional skill sets.
PelicanDVM is a specialized management solution for our clients Diverse Supplier Programs.
Pelican Projects specialize in the unique requirements of vertical market industries such as oil/gas, health care and government.
PelicanVMS provides Contingent Workforce Management programs that manage all aspects of our client's temporary and contingent labor needs.

Pelican Staffing Solutions

Your Full-Service Partner for All Contract and Temporary Staffing and Staff Management Needs.

Staffing Services

Pelican Staffing's primary focus areas are in the categories of :

  • Technical Staffing (IT, Engineering and Technicians)
  • Non Technical staffing (Warehouse and Production)
  • Office Support (Administrative, Clerical and Customer Service)
  • Professional Staffing (Accounting, Clinical,

Managed Services

PelicanDVM and PelicanVMS are services our clients use to manage their temporary and contingent staffing requirements.

PelicanDVM manages our client's pool of minority and women owned suppliers while PelicanVMS manages our client's entire contingent workforce.

Vertical Markets

Pelican Projects addresses specific requirements of vertical markets including oil/gas, health care and government.

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