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Temp-to-Hire / Direct Hire

At Pelican Staffing Solutions, we align our services with the precise needs of our clients, whether they are a Fortune 500 company, mid- or small-sized company, non-profit organization or government agency. Our flexible business methodology allows us to customize and scale our services to our clients' needs, all with the same promise of delivering 100% customer satisfaction

Hiring Options

  • Temo-to-Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Pelican Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Fit

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing

Pelican Staffing Solutions' temporary-to-hire flexible staffing solutions enable you to staff a position for a predetermined conversion period, giving you an incomparable level of control and the ability to assess the employee in a work setting. During this conversion period, you can review an individual's skills, culture fit and productivity in your actual work environment.

At the end of the conversion period, you have the option to bring the individual into your organization. Your only financial commitment is for the work performed during this timeframe.

Temp-to-hire offers you:
•  Peak productivity throughout the recruitment process.
•  Control and cost sensitivity.
•  A trial basis to evaluate the employee in your unique working environment.
•  The ability to pay only for time spent during the conversion period.
•  A flexible, win-win situation.

Direct Hire

Pelican Staffing Solutions offers clients proven solutions to off-set the cost and complexities of full-time hiring. We commit ourselves to a recruiting strategy that supplies the best candidates for the growth of your company.

In today's business environment, flexibility, quality and speed are the keys to survival. Through Pelican Staffing Solutions' direct-hire staffing, our clients can augment their direct hire staffing strategy with a flexible workforce. This positions our clients to quickly react to market changes and the introduction of new technologies.

Pelican Staffing Solutions Guarantee

Pelican Staffing Solutions guarantees an effective match.

Pelican Staffing Solutions recognizes that our success depends on customer satisfaction. If a client indicates dissatisfaction that cannot be immediately corrected with our employee, we will not charge for the placement.

Our applicant screening process is quite extensive, and our staffing coordinators are skilled at conducting relevant interviews. We thoroughly examine previous work history and education, and we evaluate the applicant's skills and ability to communicate effectively. We keep complete documentation of work history, including evaluations made by customers, and we offer job-specific training. In addition, we reference check all candidates for all positions. This comprehensive screening helps us ensure the right match for the clients' needs.
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