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Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing

Pelican Staffing is insync with your ever-changing workplace demands. Each temporary employee is interviewed, reference-checked, skill-evaluated, and matched to your corporate culture.

Pelican Staffing's temporary staffing service covers all payroll taxes, workers compensation and unemployment compensation cost. You pay only for the hours the temporary employee works, and you are not burdened with unemployment claims, benefits and tax-incurring employee costs. Our employees are bonded and insured, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Short-Term Staffing
  • Long-Term Staffing



Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Pelican Staffing's temporary-to-hire flexible staffing solutions enable you to staff a position for a predetermined conversion period, giving you an incomparable level of control and the ability to assess the employee in a work setting. During this conversion period, you can review an individual's skills, culture fit and productivity in your actual work environment.

At the end of the conversion period, you have the option to bring the individual into your organization. Your only financial commitment is for the work performed during this timeframe.


  • The Pelican Guarantee
  • Peak productivity during the recruitment process.
  • Control and cost sensitivity.
  • A trial basis to evaluate the employee in your unique working environment

Direct Hire

Pelican Staffing offers clients proven solutions to off-set the cost and complexities of full-time hiring. We commit ourselves to a recruiting strategy that supplies the best candidates for the growth of your company.

In today's business environment, flexibility, quality and speed are the keys to survival. Through Pelican Staffing's direct-hire staffing, our clients can augment their direct hire staffing strategy with a flexible workforce. This positions our clients to quickly react to market changes and the introduction of new technologies.  

  • The Pelican Guarantee

Staffing Partnerships

As a flexible and dynamic staffing and workforce management firm, Pelican Staffing is the perfect partner for other staffing agencies, preferred contractors and corporations searching for a Tier I/Tier II partnership.



  • Partner with Staffing Agencies
  • Partner with Preferred Contractors
  • Fill Minority Partnership Requirements



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