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Tier Partnerships

As a flexible and dynamic staffing and workforce management firm, Pelican Staffing Solutions is the perfect partner for other staffing agencies, preferred contractors and corporations searching for a Tier I/Tier II partnership.

Partnership Options

  • Minority Supplier Participant
  • Staffing Partnerships
  • Client Specific Requirements
  • Tier I / Tier II Requirements

Partner with Staffing Agencies

Pelican Staffing Solutions builds partnerships with major national and worldwide staffing companies. We work together to discover new and effective ways to support our customers in tight markets. We continue to foster successful partnerships with the likes of national agencies such as Manpower, Adecco, Kelly, and Spherion

Partner with Preferred Contractors

City and Federal agencies often establish Preferred Contractor relationships with national companies. Pelican Staffing Solutions helps play a vital role in these relationships by serving as the "outsourced" certified minority and woman-owned partner for the major national companies.

Our partnership allows the City, State, County, and Federal agencies to maintain established, long-term relationships while at the same time meeting a portion of their diversity/disadvantaged business requirements.

Fill Minority Partnership Requirements

Pelican Staffing Solutions empowers diversity as almost every major U.S. corporation is diversifying its supplier base by providing opportunities for minority and women-owned certified businesses. Some opportunities are direct (Tier I) relationships, and others are indirect (Tier II) relationship wherein a corporation contracts with major national staffing companies and requires them to partner with a minority and/or woman-owned certified business.

Herein lies one of the strengths of Pelican Staffing Solutions-- We are large enough to serve as a Tier I supplier to corporations, yet flexible enough to partner with Tier I suppliers as a Tier II supplier. Our goal is to customize and scale our services, catering to our clients ever-changing business needs.

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