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Vendor Management Services


    istorically, client organizations have entered relationships with an excessive number of suppliers. This was deemed necessary in order to promote competition as well as view as many candidates as possible to find the perfect fit. In reality, it accomplished to opposite. With a large supply base, companies were unable to leverage spend and create sufficient competition to reduce costs. Even for those companies that centralized the procurement process, the only spend analysis available was after the supplier invoicing and payment processes.

    Today's Needs

    • Increase visibility to costs
    • Promote competition
    • Decrease time-to-fill
    • Improve invoice processes
    • Improve vendor communication

      The ability to proactively manage and view all aspects of the procurement and lifecycle of contingent labor is rapidly changing the landscape. Client organizations can realize all of their corporate objectives while drastically reducing their supply base. Furthermore, in addition to mirroring the client defined process, the application can seamlessly share information with a number of other business applications.

      Within the end-user organization, there are multiple champions that promote this type of solution. Our applications provide multiple benefits to these constituencies, including tangible “hard-dollar” ROI, increased control and efficiency, and the ability to allow decision-making to stay in the hands of the individual hiring manager. This is strengthened when combined with the technical benefits of delivering highly scalable, low cost software through an ASP hosted environment.

      The solutions receive strong backing from multiple departments with each client. Some of the benefits include:


      • Cost reduction – The ability to control the procurement process at its associated efficiencies.      
      • Centralized purchasing – Leverage total spend through centralized purchasing and management.
      • Vendor Management – The ability to track and report vendor participation and quality.


      • ROI attainment – Improved efficiencies and cost reductions are immediately realized.
      • AP processing – The ability to consolidate the validation and billing process.
      • Invoice control – A single interface reduces errors and improves control.
      • Enterprise reporting – The ability to report, in an online, real-time basis, all budgetary aspects of the contingent labor workforce

      Human Resources

      • Increased personnel quality – The ability to assist and promote the selection of the best person in the shortest period of time.
      • Logistics management – Easy to request and manage resources and property required by the contingent workforce. Allows for easy planning of future requirements by viewing current engagement details.
      • Contingent labor tracking – The ability to track engagement details to assist in the on-boarding and off-boarding process.

      Hiring Managers

      • Rapid fulfillment – The job order is immediately released to all approved vendors. Candidates can be submitted within seconds.
      • Requirements match – Easy and clearly identified matches to the requested skills. This process reduces the time required to find the perfect fit.
      • Increased personnel quality – A natural conclusion to finding the best person, quickly and on the first try.


      • No hardware requirements – Infrastructure support is eliminated.
      • Sophisticated security – Security inherent to the application will not compromise corporate systems.
      • Scalable solution – Will grow to accommodate any corporation’s requirements.

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